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Amsterdam closer to London

Fast move - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam closer to London

A new fast way to travel from Amsterdam to London.
A fast speed connection will be available soon to connect Amsterdam to London.
A direct train will connect the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam to London, the main city in the UK.

The train will be in service from April 30 202. It will depart from the Amsterdam Central Station to St. Pancras in London, using the tunnel under the English Channel.
This comes just after the Brexit but despite that, the two cities are closer, the connection will be fast.

The documents will be checked directly in Amsterdam because will be no stop between Amsterdam and London.

The time of travel will be 4 hours to travel from Amsterdam Central Station to St. Pancras in London, via the tunnel.

This will be a valid alternative to the airplanes because the short ride will be very comfortable for the passengers.

The cost will be around 40Euro one way. Accessible to everyone.

From London to Amsterdam will be a direct connection.

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