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Enigmatic city Hong Kong - Hong Kong, Hong Kong

There are many cities to visit. plenty of countries to discover, and million of events to attend. One of the brightest and definitely must is the continent of Asia, huge, wild, untouched, stunning and still, extremely new for the rest of the world. Asia is far away from its past, it's an amazing spiritual place, fulfilled with temples and believes of gods of the past, ancient spirits and religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and also Christianity.

You have to have a faith and carriage to visit this beautiful land, open up for new rules and ancient wonders, sacred places and ghosts of the past. Hong Kong is a great example of human's and god's power, an enigmatic place with skyscrapers and beautiful traditions dating back in ancient times, the food is heaven in here and the city is everchanging. It has become one of the most visited cities in Asia, fulfilled with vibrant cultural life, not only temples and monuments, it could be also a walk under the stars in the sky and simple things to enjoy. Chinese roots are more than visible and spreaded all over the Hong Kong,

There are hundreds of reasons to love Hong Kong and its culture, it's intense and full of possibilities and opportunities. Very famouse are bars where people gather together to have a great fun and sing karaoke, eat well and have a laugh. You can also choose a night of Cantonese opera or tango night out, whatever you feel up to, Hong Kong will give you!

The city is more than just huge palaces of glass and steel, it has a great cultural scene going on behind that cold commercial mask, which, being brave enough, you will discover. Some of Asia's top festivals are held in here, so fun part is also guaranteed. Hong Kong is one of the best places to travel through Asia's dream cuisine, also called the top culinary capital of Asia. It's a deliciousness melting Cantonese, Shanghainese, Vietnamese, Japanese or European in the same pot. Any kind of gastronomic desires are offered in here, from sweet prawns to stinky tofu, anything created by the latest celebrity masterchef.

Hong Kong is surrounded by beautiful and mysterious islands and mountains, the city is fulfilled with central parks and magnificent harbours, within few minutes you will be escaping the city traffic and relax in the park or one of the gorgeous villages, everything is perfectly reachable thank to Hong Kong's great transport system. Enjoy and lose yourself in the beauty and diversity of Hong Kong, from surf beaten beaches to deserted islands, busy city center and some of the quietest harbours.


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