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Hong Kong, beyond the glass and steel

Ancient traditions and heavenly food - Hong Kong, Hong Kong

A more than significant economic and financial hub, Hong Kong is among the world's most important metropolis, a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse Special Administrative Region in China, having influence enough to call itself "Asia's World City". It has been a British colony for almost 150 years, acquiring a deep cultural and structural inheritance as to have the infrastructure and standards of Britain, besides having both Cantonese and Chinese language and culture, making it more flexible and varied than the rest of the country. It's a leading financial area, hosting the most important banks in the world and also transporting big part of China's exports to the rest of the word through its harbour.

Such a magnificence couldn't be less than a huge travel destination, so as to receive many tourists every year. With more than 7 million inhabitants, it is a source of amusement, activities, fun and numerous possibilities for a traveler. Not to miss, if you have the opportunity, are the festivals, like the Chinese New Year, the Spring Lantern Festival, the Birthday of the Buddha and many other colorful and exciting festivals that happens through the year, such as dragon boat races and offers of food and joss paper to ghosts.

The beaches in Hong Kong are always close to you, for the many islands and kilometers of coast in the city. The beaches in less packed areas, such as Shek O, have a good quality, but popular beaches like Hung Shing Yeh are also worth the visit. The city offers also a few public swimming pools with high standard for adults and kids. One of the most recommended activities, though, is hiking. The city has beautiful and vast countrysides and landscapes that complete with the same quality the complex of concrete that's Hong Kong. Camping or visiting the country and marine parks are also a good deal.

There are some must to see in the city, like the view of the skyline from the Victoria Peak, the piece of history that are the Walled Villages, the street markets, the temples, the horse racings, and the Statue Square, once the hub of the British colonial power and one of the few colonial architectures left in the city. For its importance, Hong Kong is one of the top destinations in the world, and place for the most exciting trip you can imagine.


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