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Vancouver, BC

World's Best City for cycling

Copenhagen - Copenhagen, Denmark

People in Copenhagen use the bicycle all the time, in every weather conditions, sunny rain snow. The bike for fun to go for shopping and also to go to work. They are cycling also to take kids to school or to go to a park for a picnic with friends in a nice sunny day. Use the bicycles is what Copenhageners love the most. They can keep their self…

Vancouver, BC

The new happiest place on earth!

Copenhagen, Denmark - Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen so subtly became a powerhouse for Europe and a must see for backpackers. Within 30 years it has become one of the most successful and inspiration cities in the world. They successfully became the  city the closest to carbon neutral in all of Europe. The economy is thriving, quality of life is exceptional making it one of the places…

Vancouver, BC

Denmark, happiest country

Joy of Copenhagen - Copenhagen, Denmark

You wanna go somewhere where the happiest people come from ? Denmark is the place, a country where the beautiful cities belong to humans, not to the cars, where bicycles are the main and the most favorite transportation and where the fashion , food and arts are wrapped in the purest simplicity. Renaissance castles, Danish loveliness, the…

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Royal capital Copenhagen

Scandinavian beauty - Copenhagen, Denmark

BBC has officially announced that the happiest population in the world are Danish people! They are content with their lives, some would say why wouldn't they!? They have it all! But did not all of us started from nothing? They just know how,it might be the fact, that they rarely use cars, Copenhagen for an instance is the bike city, where people…

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Mulled wine and gingerbread

Copenhagen lights up Christmas markets - Copenhagen, Denmark

Nowadays, when people pretend to not have the time to prepare homemade meals and any kind of dinner party is something to "oh" and "ah" about, when kids have no idea what fun they are missing playing with each other, instead of staring at the blue screens, when cookbook doesn't find its way in the kitchen...we are in a desperate need to wake up…

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Most wonderful city in Scandinavia

Copenhagen, confidence in its own charms - Copenhagen, Denmark

Winter is taking over and all you need is a positive , little vacation, to free your mind and soak up some positive energy, Denmark will cheer you up. In fact Danish are known as the happiest nation on earth with of the best quality of life. Countless tiny towns and modern big cities with renaissance castles and 18th century villages, churches and…

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Woodah Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark - Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are more than average you'll probably want a more than usual accommodation when visiting Denmark's capital, Copenhagen. It's a cosmopolitan city, with modern and super cool style and atmosphere, a special part of your trip that deserves a special hostel, that in this case is Woodah Hostel, a small accommodation initiative for budget and eco…

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Denmark, state of global happiness

Most cosmopolitan, most exciting and the coolest - Copenhagen, Denmark

There are hundreds of statistics in the world, checking and testing, which nation would be the happiest and truly content one...and you know what? Danish seems to be the happiest people on the planet, with one of the best quality of life, it's one of the most exciting place on the earth with fine dining and beautiful shops, their positive way of…


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