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When you Stay in GAM, you will have a relaxing retreat.

Stay in GAM is in a brand new building, so you will enjoy our clean and modern facililties. We will provide you our best quality service.

Stay in GAM is located in the center of the Seoul(Jongro-gu, Waryong-dong) which is one of the best historical places and has many tourist attractions. Our hostel is only 50m away from the Changdeok-Palace(UNESCO World Heritage). 9 mins away from Insa-dong(by walk), 12mins away from Cheongyechun Stream(by walk), 3mins away from Gyeongbok-Palace(by car).

There are 2 subway stations near us (8mins away). Jongro 3 ga(dark blue(1), orange(3), purple(5) line), Anguk (orange(3) line). This location gives you easy access to other famous places in Seoul.

Our brand new building has korean floor heating and air-conditioning system. Also, free wifi is available in anyplace in the building.

Stay in GAM provides the best security for your safety. Stay in GAM provides 24/7 security system to protect your belongings. Stay in GAM will provide protection from unexpected theft and fire hazard during your stay.

Stay in GAM offers standard amenities; Our on-site restaurant and bar where you can relax during your vacation. Our Restaurant will offer the following meals; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The Restaurant provides a relaxing atmosphere and opportunities to meet other guests.

Stay in GAM staff will provide the best service based on our own travel experiences in Europe, America, and Asia.

- Stay in GAM staff -



1. By Bus (Incheon Airport - Stay in GAM)

Step #1 - Go to the Bus stop #5B or 12A (Incheon Airport)
Step #2 - Take #6011 (10,000won) & get off at Anguk station
Step #3 - Walk in the same direction as the bus is heading  
Step #4 - Cross the 1st intersection (undergrond) & exit at #3(Changdeokgung)
Step #5 - Keep walking in the same direction as the bus did
Step #6 - Cross the street toward the NESCAFE (Cafe) & Hyundai Oil Bank
Gas Station (Under Construction)
Step #7 - Next to the Hyundai Oil Bank Gas Station, You will see an alley.
After you make a right turn, you can easily find our sign 'Stay in GAM'

2. By Subway (Incheon Airport - Jong-no 3ga Station)

Step #1 - Take airport railroad at Incheon Airport
Sept #2 - Transter line #1 at Seoul station
Step #3 - Get off at Jongno 3ga station (Exit #7)
Step #4 - Keep walking toward Changdeokgung (about 10 minutes)
Step #5 - At the end of the road, you will see the NESCAFE(cafe) & Hyundai Oil
Bank Gas Station (Under Construction) on your right
Step #6 - Next to the Hyundai Oil Bank Gas Station (Under Construction),
You will see an alley. After you make a right turn, you can easily find our sign 'Stay in GAM'
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