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Cabanas Las Lilas Hostel, is the only hostel in Cochabamba thought-out for backpackers is located in Tiquipaya area at just 20 minutes from the bus station or the airport of Cochabamba, has a pick-up service from the bus station every days at 6:45 am, for other times and pick-ups from the airport please should be contact the hostel .
This hostel is installed on an area of 5,000 square meters of land, more than half are gardens, has a capacity for 35 guests and we strive to make your visit to Cochabamba city a wonderful experience.
Cabanas Las Lilas Hostel, has ensuite rooms, singles, doubles and triples, also offers dormitories for three, four, eight and ten people, the rooms have heating for the winter time. Las Lilas Hostel, has a large, airy and brightly lit common area built with huge trunks of trees, natural palm roofs and large windows overlooking the garden and pool, also has a warm and romantic fireplace, pool table, poker table, books exchange, video library, bar service and free Wi-Fi internet.
In Cabanas Las Lilas Hostel can seize the day, enjoy the sun lying down in the garden, cool off in the swimming pool overlooking a pleasant garden and natural landscape of the mountains of Tunari National Park. At night projecting a selection of films with a small theater system or you can have a fun time with your friends by a campfire outdoors.
Las Lilas Hostel also has meals service, with homemade dishes so fresh and natural ingredients produced in area, the huge chef kitchen is also the service for guest use where you can prepare your food yourself. The bar offers a variety of drinks, but mainly Brew in 5 different flavors produced by our very small artisan beer factory which you can visit.
The public transport to downtown and commercial areas of Cochabamba is very cheap (0.29 cents) and stops just 200 meters from our hostel, we also have radio taxi service at special prices to our hosted.
Cabañas Las Lilas Hostel also offers a tours information, visits and trips to Toro Toro National Park, Villa Tunari (Chapare), provinces of Cochabamba, walks in the Tunari National Park and other attractions of Cochabamba.
Cabanas Las Lilas Hostel, located in the most coveted area of Cochabamba city, for its abundant water, vegetation and safety Tiquipaya hosted several international meetings (OEA Assembly, World Summit on Climate Change and others) 80% of its length corresponds to agricultural areas of maize, vegetables and flowers, in addition to raising cows, pigs, rabbits, sheep and chickens.
Cabañas Las Lilas Hostel awaits for you in Cochabamba



This link shows the route from the bus station to our hostel

1. Go to the SIMON LOPEZ avenue.
2. Contunue into ECOLOGICA avenue.
3. A street before the fuel station and the entrance toll of Tiquipaya, can be seen to the south a large sign AISB school an our hostel sign.
4. Take MALTERIA avenue south to reach the AISB school gate.
5. Reaching the school gate, is a single street at the west, take this road and 100 meters you can see our hostel
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