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No. 5 Er Duan of Middle Renmin Road, Chengdu, China 19807 views 19807

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Nature BC Hostel , Yeah , What is b.c ?
B: Budget ; C : Clean .

Nature BC Hostel is our excellent brand ; Always we want to give you a budget and clean place to sleep , Also we have a lot of budget travel information for you . Like from Chengdu to Lhasa in Tibet , Always we can offer train tickets , Let your Tibet travel dream comes true with a budget price .

Chengdu is really a beautiful city .She has a lot of travel resources Lovely Panda , Amazing big Buddha , Fantastic international park Jiuzaigou ; To Lhasa by train .Therefor , So many beautiful hostels are here , Like Sims cozy guest house etc We have to say : We will try to close to them , We will try to give you a nice place to sleep . We are really a new brand ,We need your huge support .We will grow up in your travel life , In the future and the future , Your future generations get to China , The sleeping will be so much easy . There are many John-bc hostels everywhere .Of cause we will talk to them : Hi , Man , That room , Your parents have ever stayed there .So we'll try to keep your information for ever ..

In this world , Everybody is an excellent book and legend !
We have many types and clean rooms , Also we have internet , coffee , breakfast , books, travel bar , laundry service ..

Around our hostel ,You are easy to find bank , supermarket ,local food , And to city center , Walk on foot around in 10 minutes .



How to find us ?

Address : No. 5 Er Duan of Middle Renmin Road, Chengdu China

1, City bus : When you get out the train station , You can take the bus 16# and 55# , So around 20 minutes get off at " Renmin zhong lu er duan" and cross street , turn right just walk around 30 meters ,You will find us .
2, Subway : When you get out the train station , You take the subway and get off at " luoma shi zhan" , Here just cross street, turn right and walk around in 5minutes , You will find us .
3,Shuttle bus from airport : You take the shuttle bus out of airport , Get off at last bus station "Minshan fandian" And change bus 16# , Arrive at "Renmin zhonglu er duan" and get off , Cross street to turn right ,Around 30meters , You will find us !
4,Taxi : You take a taxi and tell the driver : Luoman da jiudian . You arrive at Luoman da jiudian and get off , Cross street and turn right and around in 2mintues , You will find us .

And the best : We will pick you up at train station for free , When you make a reservation ! Please tell us your train number and arrival time .
Now we have John-b.c hostel in Chengdu , Chongqing, Yichang , Fenghuang , Huangshan ,Yangshuo .
Everywhere we will keep our quality----Budget and Clean .
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