Guest House Renjishi Kabuki

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Kyoto Guest House Renjishi Kabuki
'RENJISHI KABUKI' is an old machiya, which is being reconstructed into lodgings with a family atmosphere.

Our guest house is located very closely to 'Nishi Hongwanji', which is listed as one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are also a number of old historical temples as well as shrines situated in and around 'RENJISHI'. You can feel an old city of Kyoto and sense a taste of the past.

There are a lot of things to enjoy Kyoto area and our place makes you the best starting point.

It is a 15 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station and 20 minute walk to the Nijo Castle. Even Kawaramachi City as well as Kiyomizu temple are 40 minute walk away.

If you would like to go Arashiyama, it will take 30 minutes by train. We also provide a bike renal.

We have two types of rooms. One is that private room which is a Japanese-style room, and the other is a female dormitory which is Western bed style room shared by 6 people.

Our place is located in a quiet residential area. Therefore, you can get good night's sleep.

Our rates are set at a so reasonalbe that many tourists can visit us.

We all of the staff are looking forward to your visit to our comfortable place 'RENJISHI'.

The origin of the name.
Our guest house name 'Rengishi' is derived from one of the Kabuki play.

A shishi is a mythological lion-like animal said to be the king of beasts. Renjishi describes a lions harsh way of raising a cub, in which a parent pushes the cubs into the bottom of a ravine and only those which manage to climb back up are raised.

With a spirit of the cub, which overcomes many difficulties to live, we are putting great effort to offering an opportunity to know about good old days of Kyoto for more people.

We are looking forward to seeing you at 'Renjishi'.

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Access from Kyoto Station.
- By walk -
Keep west on Shiokoji Street, which is the street between JR Kyoto station and Kyoto Tower, to Horikawa Street. Then go north on the Horikawa street to Gojo street. Passing Higashi-Honganji temple and Tokyu Hotels, turn to west at Gojo street. Proceed on Gojo street to Inokuma Street to south for about 100 meters. It takes about 15 minutes by walk.

- By Bus -
Take Bus # 73 at C5 Bus stop of Kyoto Station Bus Terminal, take off at Gojo Horikawa Bus stop. Then proceed on Inokuma street to south for about 100 meters. Bus fare is 220 yen.

- By Taxi -
Just tell the driver To the Inokuma Dori Gojo. After getting off proceed on Inokuma street to south for about 100 meters.