East Huangshan International Youth Hostel

Tea and Forest Farm, Tanjiaqiao Town, Huangshan, China  views

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Mountain Huangshan is destined to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in the 21st Century. Because of its majestic creation of nature, its more than 2000-year history, and its flourishing Huizhou culture, the city boasts a multitude of tourist attractions. They include the world-famous Mt.Huangshan, the well-preserved ancient villages, crystal Lake Taiping and Qiyun Taoist Mountain and so on. Old residences, archways, clan temples, ancient bridges and pagodas are abundant. Situated in southeastern China, Mt.Huangshan is famous for the uniquely shaped pines, the fantastic rock peaks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs. Mt.Huangshan is a magical mountain, covering many other famous mountains' features; perhaps its most outstanding feature is change. The mystic clouds drift in and out, changing the scenery from minute to minute as the mist rises and ebbs; the beauty of Huangshan also varies with the seasons. No wonder it is the only mountain that is listed in China's Top Ten Scenic Spots and designated as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site. As a matter of fact, just like the Yangtze River, the Great Wall and the Yellow River, Mt.Huangshan has become a symbol of China. ( ehuangshan.net )

East Huangshan Youth Hostel is the biggest youth hostel in East China. It is located at Tan-jia-qiao town, where is the east gate of Mountain Huangshan. So it is the nearest youth hostel to Mountain Huangshan. The local people call Huangshan City as Tun-xi. The main entrance (south gate) of Mountain Huangshan is located at Tang-kou town. The distance between Tun-xi and Tang-kou is about 75km, while the distance between East Huangshan Youth Hostel and Tang-kou is only 20km. Our GPS coordinate: N309.1934' E11817.5163'

Family rooms available
Hostel open 24h
TV room
Self-catering kitchen
Groups welcome
Common room(s)
Sheets in price
Travel/Tour bureau
Laundry facilities
Cycle rental available at or near the hostel
Air conditioning
Internet access
Meals available
Games room
Individual traveller welcome
Luggage Store
Lockers available
Non smoking room/area
Basic store available at or near the hostel
Green Hostel
Rates include local tax
Cycle store at Hostel




A. Short-term Bus:
1. FROM Tunxi(Main town of the city)
Huangshan Train Station - Huangshan Coach Terminal - Tangkou(South Gate) - Taiping, we pick you up at Tangkou.
2. From Taiping Town(Huangshang Section of the city)
Taiping - Tanjiaqiao Town - Tangkou(South Gate) - Tunxi, bike riding from Tanjiaqiao to the hostel within 15 minutes.
B. Long-term Coach
Take coach buses from neighbor cities to Tangkou(South Gate), we pick you up there.
C. Train
Take trains from neighbor cities to Huangshan Train Station, then follow routine A.
D. Airport
We suggest you stay one night in Tunxi(main town of the city), then follow rountine A on the next day.