Budapest, City of baths

Thu, 04-05-2012, Budapest
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  • Budapest, City of baths
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Budapest, City of baths
Budapest's most relaxing season for outside baths begins.

Budapest's season for old turkish and classic baths may never end and also during summer the old ottoman thermal reliques are joined by a lot of Hungarians and tourists. Now spring is in the air and of course also outside baths like the huge and most famous one the "zechenyi" which is situated in the beautiful "Varosliget" -the citypark is getting more and more attracted. In 1881 when it was built it was also called the Artesian bath and it's wonderful architecture and many services pointing out why!

Go swimming in one of the 15 pools with water stream and massage fountains or have a pleasant time in the wellness center with massage and gymnastic or aerobic courses, hungry ones go to the several restaurants and buffets.

For those who also want to train not just their body but their intellect, playing chess in the pool is a good idea. It's a very popular sport for Hungarians beside waterpolo. The entire pool area is opened every day from 6 in the morning till 10 at night. Enjoy!

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