Queen's day in Amsterdam

Mon, 04-02-2012, Amsterdam
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  • Queen's day in  Amsterdam
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Queen's day in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is definitely a city with people in there who know how to celebrate...already fifty years they have been celebrating Queen's day. But it's not only Amsterdam’s festival, celebrated in whole country, but of course most attractive is Amsterdam. Last years the popularity of the event grows drawing crowd of visitors from all over Europe.

In Dutch Koninginnedag means Queen's Day, being a unique night and day carnival-like event on 30th of April each year and during the night before , so it's called Queen's Night. Apart the huge party during this day, you will find countless markets and attractions around all the capital.

Every year the event attracts more than 700 thousands of visitors, which making the city crowded beyond any acceptable norms. Despite overcrowding, the atmosphere on Queen's Day is traditionally relaxed and joyful. Usually mild, not too hot weather makes the Queen's Day the day to be in Amsterdam. To feel the atmosphere on the day

Dutch people are famous by loving trade, they have it in their blood. The Queen's Day is being an occasion to trade all things that are unnecessary at home with your neighbours and visitors to town, more social than commercial opportunity, and if you go there with your family , you will enjoy it a lot, the prices are really good being symbolic, and most of all it's a lot of fun!

And there is another positive thing in this day, not really common in a capital, there are no cars allowed on the Queen’s Day to the Amsterdam centre. All public means of transportation, including trains, have a special schedule for this day. Amazing!

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