Alaska's great festival

Thu, 03-15-2012, Anchorage
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  • Alaska's great festival
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Alaska's great festival
If you are bored of the traditional stuff, like going skiing in Winter and going to the sea in summer, taking all the family,it feels just good, you will relax and spend a quality time with your beloved ones, but still, it feels like you doing the same old thing all over again, maybe it´s time to change something.

What about discovering a new places, in winter there is something a bit odd going on in...Alaska, yea, cold isn´t? But it will be so much fun, once you get there, specially that from 24th of February there is The World Championship Sled Dog Races going on.

The streets come alive with winter sports, native art and culture, plus tons of events for everyone to enjoy! Only in Anchorage, Alaska you will find the streets covered with snow for the World Championship Sled Dog Races, the Rondy Running of the Reindeer, and more awesome events! And downtown will become alive with many attractions and activities for the adults and also for the little ones, the highlights will include fireworks, The Eskimo Blanket Toss and T,Anchorage will come alive with winter sports, native art and culture, plus tons of events for everyone to enjoy!

You will have so much fun, with music, food dance and costumes, cheer for your favorite Rondy Musher, Run in the Frostbite Footrace! There will be also the great parade, nighttime and day time, non stop fun for everyone, change your holiday plans and get a lifetime experience. There will be nearly 120 activities special Alaskan activities and great events, the event is old dating back in 19th Century, so you can imagine how much experience it has. It was a time, when trappers and miners emerged from Alaska's wilderness to compete in survival-type games. Prizes were awarded for the longest fox, the best fox and finest ermine pelts

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