International Women's day

Thu, 03-01-2012, Paris
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  • International Women's day
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International Women's day
And finally, there is a day for us! Can't believe, that it actually exist, there is Valentines Day , that's in Japan being celebrated as men's day, even if everyone knows very well, that is International Lover's day. Somehow, you men always manage to turn into your day.

Nowadays when all you can feel is masculinity, maleness is everywhere, and yes, I'm a women, so I might take it more sensitive, twist and turn as we girls do. But, this is about us , women, 8of March, even if it's tacky and someone says even cheap, never mind, is nice to have a flowers every now and than, some chocolate or nice dinner as a surprise, spoiled us, because you don't !

International Women’s Day and United Nations day for women’s rights and international peace 8th of March. Throughout history women have been campaigning for their rights. To name a few of there attempts for starters in ancient Greece, Lysistrata started a sex strike among women in order to force their husbands to end the Peloponnesian war.

In France during the Revolution, women marched to Versailles demanding to be entitled to vote. It's a celebration of respect and appreciation and love for a women, to celebrate women's economic,social and political achievements. This holiday is in many countries but it started in Eastern Europe, Russia and the former Soviet bloc. Nowadays this celebration has become more like occasion for men to express their love for women than a celebration with a political flavor. Now in many regions is more like mixture of Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day.

And again it has been mixed and messed around, is not a mother's day, is not even Valentine's Day, is Women's day, so please, men, all of you, pay attention to your moms, wifes, girlfriends,daughters, aunts, grandmas, all the ladies in the supermarket, post office, neighbors and all others, treat them right, with all respect you can possibly find into your selves, smile gift, every little unexpected or expected thought will be highly appreciated. This is a day when you can let yourself to be a bit of great Russian!

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