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Vicenza is one of the few city in the world that has such a great historical-artistic heritage, linked indissolubly at the artist that offered at the city an imprint specify and varied: the Palladio. He projected a dozen palaces and public constructions that still today gives to Vicenza an unique atmosphere. From everyone are for sure not to be missed the famous “Villa Capra”, more known as La Rotonda, and the Basilica in Piazza dei Signori, only a few steps from the Hostel. But walking for the streets of the city you remain bewitched from the many and suggestive corners with a unreplaceble charm. Only who has not seen it doesn't know what he missed.



70km Marco Polo Airport Venice. 65km Catullo airport Verona.
50m Bus #1-2-4 - 5-7.
70km Venice.
Alternate Transport
City centre 10m Chargeable parking
Chargeable parking nearby.
1.5km Central Station.
  • Ostello Olimpico Vicenza
    Ostello Olimpico Vicenza
    Vicenza, Italy

    The Olimpico Hostel, settled AIG, it is found in position benefited under all the points of view, in how much it is found really in the historical center of the city, in front of…