Carpe Diem

Cll 14 # 18-339 Brr Masinga, Santa marta, Colombia 11930 views 11930

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From Nights People


Finca Carpe Diem is a Belgian owned hostel, ecological farm & nature reserve. Only a 50min drive from Santa Marta, you’ll find your new home surrounded by blue skies, great mountains, evergreen forests & cool rivers. Perfect for relaxing, swimming & outdoor activities.



Make life easy & take the FREE shuttle (50min) every Tue & Fri from the hostels La Brisa Loca, Masaya, Familiar and Miramar (Santa Marta) & La Casa de Felipe (Taganga).


Leaving from the centre of Santa Marta: take a buseta going to Bonda (1 hour driving - 1.200 cop). Ask to get off at the “Campo de Futbol” or police station in Bonda . Here you can take a moto taxi off-road up hill (20 min - 7.000 cop).


do a nice walk (1,5 hour from the Campo de Futbol in Bonda) and ask for Carpe Diem.