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Welcome to the magical place, relax, sit back, look out the window, we are Unique, comfortable, ingenious, perhaps alternative, depending on how you hit as melange, you have to love. Hostel in center of Poznan. Superb atmosphere, starting bed and breakfast 45 zł. The hostel available wireless internet, cable TV and a PlayStation.


It started accidentally, as usual. We spent hours chatting about the further future. Own company. Wedding advisors. April. May…

Lots of thoughts, newspapers, websites. Motivation to success and belief in self-confidence. Suddenly turnaround. Motion in other direction. Hostel! Results came faster, as if followed well-known recipe. Add it all, mix it up, now filter and it's ready to serve. Couple of days, a few flats, and finally the land lady who seems to be a witch makes the dreams true. Rybaki 6A. And what next? Which number? Ok, first floor, a little bit different, is it easy to get there? There's only one such an address in the city. Rybaki 6A first floor. Magic gate.

Now the name and we realize we aren't copyrighters at all, we walk around, drink some coffee, wine, beer, vodka, sometimes we play, Duo Guo, actually it was then when it all started. Attempts of mixing favorite music. Melange. That's it, it couldn't be something else. The darkest place is under the candlestick. So we went, signed the agreement, started repairs. Irony? And the sudden landing of angels form Sępólno Krajeńskie. Where is it? Where we would be if they didn't help us, undoubtedly at the tail-end, many thanks. And that's how we spent the whole month, gypsum, paints, OSB hardboard, all other things, which we didn't realize they existed before. Website, divine Kajetan, fantastic head full of ideas, we'll be always grateful.

4th of July, phone call, thank you By The Way, we know we open on 10th , Nelly Furtado, concert, first guests. Here we are. Welcome to Melange Hostel Rybaki 6A/ I first floor.



MELANGE is a hostel in the very heart of Poznań, 5 minutes walk from the marketplace. To get to our hostel from the train station , please , take tram 6, 11, 12 (only two stops)
A taxi from the airport coasts about 30 PLN
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