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Tani`s is a friendly local bar and guesthouse with fluent English spoken in the seaside village of Ksamil, 20 min drive south of Saranda and two minutes walk from the beach and islands, great for snorkeling or simply swimming and sun bathing. It is within 30 minutes walk or a 10 min bus drive from the ruins of the ancient Roman and medieval Venetian City of Butrint.
The guest house consists of double private rooms, twin rooms and triple rooms. All rooms are air conditioned and have a refrigerator, private bathrooms with shower and most of them have balconies with a drying rack for laundry.
Tani`s bar is famous for its draft (draugh) beer which consists of both local and imported brew. There is an assortment of bottled beers and soft drinks, which are very refreshing in Ksamil's hot weather. Moreover, our customers choose to indulge in cocktails such as Mojito, Margarita, Martini and so on, or long drinks such as Gin/Vodka & Tonic, Cuba Libre etc. which are offered at very reasonable prices.
Part of the bar has been adjusted into an Internet cafe with a DSL connection.
The Wi - Fi is offered for free.



TANI'S BAR & GUESTHOUSE is located off of the third square. It's the last bus stop in Ksamil, at the Tirana Bank. From the bank, walk west and turn left on the dirt road between Bar Ledio and Hotel Joni. This road that branches off to the left of the square takes you to the premises just about 30 m before you go to the mini football pitch.
Ksamil is Albanias southernmost seaside village on the coast of the Corfu Straits and this location gives it easy access to the airport of Corfu Island (Greece).
Ferry- boats (two of them, hydrofoils) depart every morning around 8.30 - 9 a.m. (local time) from Corfus port to the port-town of Saranda (Albania). The hydrofoil service returns to Corfu from Saranda at 10.30 and 12.30 daily. Tickets can be purchased from the offices of Finikas Lines or Petrakis Lines near the Atlantis Hotel by the New Port in Corfu. Ferries leave from the new international ferry terminal in the New Port, just to the north of Corfu town. Tickets are valid only for the ferry line for which they were bought; therefore it is advisable to buy your return ticket separately, so that you can choose your preferred return time.
Once you are in Saranda you can take either a taxi or a bus at the bus stop, which is at the towns main square facing the ruins of an ancient Jewish synagogue. The trip to Ksamil takes about 30 min. by bus or 15 min. by taxi.
Another way of getting to Ksamil is via the Greek port town of Igoumenitsa. You can get there from the main Italian Adriatic ports. Once in Igoumenitsa you can take a bus or a taxi to the Albanian border crossing [called Mavromati in greek and Qaf Bot on the Albanian side] at Konispol and from there to Ksamil.

If in doubt of the location, ask were the 'eliku' premises are, or the name Tani eliku ( '' pronounced 'ch' as in 'chain') once you get to Ksamil.
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